The THEA Inlay Compact is an advancement of the first THEA Inlay (handmade in Vienna) and is based on the same idea. It's about the storage and findability of little things and quickly swapping your items between different bags - and it works just as little of their own



The new design is much slimmer and based solely on a single module instead of two, this makes it no longer divisible. But now it can be equipped on both sides with pockets and can also stand alone or be hung up easily.


A new feature includes ready assembled models, i.e. the Pocket and colour combinations are already set. Each model is offered in standard colours but as with the first design of the THEA Inlay, the Compact THEA Inlay also allows the user to redesign and choose their own colour ways and Pocket formats. Design yours >>


There are three different options for mounting, a piece of velcro, a snap hook or an ordinay string/band.